Information About General Dentist Services

Our team offers comprehensive solutions to target all of your oral wellness demands and deliver gorgeous results. Our experienced staff at MINT dentistry conducts a large range of preventive, corrective, and cosmetic dentistry procedures, as well as advanced gum treatments, sleep dentistry methods, and endodontics. We implore you to explore our many services and discover how our advanced technologies and personalized approach can fortify the health and cosmetic quality of your teeth.

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Tooth extractions might be required to remove a tooth that has a hopeless prognosis or has insufficient space to erupt.

Routine teeth cleanings at least twice a year at MINT dentistry boosts your dental health by eliminating buildup and surface stains.

A dental implant is a metal post inserted in the jaw to replace a lost tooth root and allow support for a bridge, denture, or crown.

Advanced dental x-rays allow our professionals at MINT dentistry to diagnose developing concerns and unseen conditions in your teeth, gums, and jaw.

An oral examination enables our MINT dentistry team to assess the condition of your gums, jaw, and teeth and address any issues.

Dental cavities may be addressed with tooth-colored composite resin fillings shaded to match your surrounding teeth for a seamless smile.

MINT can treat your whole family! Our pediatric dental visits help kids improve their oral health and establish good dental habits.

People with gum (periodontal) disease may be helped with scaling and root planing visits to remove tartar and plaque buildup below the gums.

Night guards can help shield your jaw, gums, and teeth against nocturnal bruxism (clenching and grinding your teeth when you sleep).

To help you brighten your smile, our MINT team offers at-home whitening kits with professional-strength gel and custom dental trays.

To efficiently and swiftly whiten your smile, MINT dentistry offers in-office whitening treatments personalized to meet your needs and goals.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening, orthodontics, and more can create sexy teeth and boost the look of your smile.

For teen and adult patients who dream of having straighter teeth, our MINT dentists are proud to offer Invisalign removable dental aligners.

Porcelain dental veneers by MINT dentistry are securely attached to your visible front teeth to hide aesthetic flaws and create a beautiful smile.

To address malpositioned teeth, we provide different orthodontic treatments to improve the health of your mouth and the aesthetics of your smile.

MINT smile makeovers involve a treatment plan of cosmetic and restorative solutions to fit your smile goals and create sexy teeth.

MINT dentistry provides options for metal braces to help you effectively straighten and align your teeth to create a healthier, more confident smile.

Designed to replace a missing tooth, dental bridges are restorations consisting of a series of dental crowns that attach to neighboring teeth.

Custom dental crowns from MINT can be placed to fortify a weak tooth, repair a damaged tooth, or attach to an implant for tooth replacement.

MINT proudly offers both partial and full dentures to replace damaged or missing teeth to help restore your smile and oral function.

Root canal therapy treats a tooth infected internally by removing the damaged pulp before filling and sealing the tooth.

Nitrous oxide (or "laughing gas") is a sedation method that may help you feel more at ease when receiving routine care or longer procedures.

To help soothe dental fear, our MINT team might prescribe oral-conscious sedation, which includes a sedative that can make you feel at ease.

Before a dental implant can be placed, bone grafting surgery may be performed to fortify your jawbone if bone loss has occurred.

Crown lengthening is a periodontal option performed to remove extra gum tissue and expose more of your enamel for a wider, healthier smile.

Laser gum contouring removes excess and overgrown soft tissue to help enhance the look of your smile and lessen the chance of gum disease.

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